Women's Club of Great Falls

Social ~ Cultural ~ Philanthropic Civic         

Founders and Presidents

Newcomers of Great Falls (1982)    


Jan Alloway
Sally Everett Corley 

Kitty Cox
Janney Lawson

Anita Smith
Nancy Lovejoy

Sharon Strauchs 


Past Presidents: 1982 - 2011 

Sally Everett Corley 

Kitty Cox 

Patti Kallivokas 

Kay Ditto 

Marge Gill 

Margaret West 

Sandy Sproat 

Linda Marshall 

Wendy Maiwurm 

Linda Harden 

Susan Bollerer 

Jody Larkin 

Laura Bumpus 

Vicki Cary 

Francoise Schoenbrot 

Lois Barker 

Carol Wass 

Tricia Harris 

Barbara Long 

Debby Bailine 

Great Falls Woman's Club (1980)  


Donna Anderson 

Pat MacVeagh 

Jan Lucca 

Past Presidents: 1980 - 2011  

Doris Fisher Irwin 

Jerene Thomas 

Anne Wells Kay 

Dorothy Horvath 

Nancy Scanlan 

Jan Lucca 

Patti Low 

Denise Edwards 

Lindy Donalty 

Barbara Gwizdz 

Linda Frederick 

Virginia Stein 

Dorothy Farfone 

Patti Staas 

Dawn Doughty 

Barbara Slaybaugh 

Judy Smith 

Tina Mather 

Cristi Goldberg 

Kay Baird 

Jan Stewart Clark 

Barbara Chen 

Anne MacFarlane 

Donna Mastran 

Victoria Weseley 

Joan Pifer 

Maggie Mobley 

Julie Maher 

Great Falls Friends & Neighbors (2011)
Past Presidents:
2011 – 2020
Tina Mather   
Lisa Spoden
Roz Drayer       
Anne McVey
Teresa Nasif     
Missy Perkins 
Erin Lobato

Women's Club of Great Falls (2021)
Past Presidents:
2021 – Present

Erin Lobato

Julie Casso

Karen McPhail

Ruth Smyers

Women's Club of Great Falls

P.O. Box 483

Great Falls, VA  22066

Email: info@womensclubgf.org

Our Mission Statement

To develop friendships and a sense of community among our members through social, cultural, civic, and philanthropic activities.

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