Women's Club of Great Falls

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Our History

The foundation for the Women’s Club of Great Falls has been in existence for over 40 years. The current club is a result of a 2011 merger of two local women's clubs, the Great Falls Woman's Club and Newcomers of Great Falls. The Great Falls Woman's Club was founded in 1980 and Newcomers of Great Falls was founded in 1982.

In 2009, through casual conversation, the two club presidents realized that the clubs shared many similarities. Both had a local member base, (including some crossover) with similar missions and social activities. Both clubs also had philanthropic arms and were active in the community. In addition to these similarities, each club brought unique strengths resulting in an enhanced combined club.

In 2011, the boards of Newcomers of Great Falls and the Great Falls Woman's Club agreed that one combined organization made great sense, and Great Falls Friends and Neighbors was born. Recently the club members agreed upon a name change to better fit the organization to The Women’s Club of Great Falls which is now a vibrant organization of over 300 active and involved women!

Women's Club of Great Falls

P.O. Box 483

Great Falls, VA  22066

Email: info@womensclubgf.org

Our Mission Statement

To develop friendships and a sense of community among our members through social, cultural, civic, and philanthropic activities.

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